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Khaas DryFruits presents various other savory and delicious products to make your days fresher. Relish yourself with these premium quality products in Pakistan. Khaas Dryfruits provide their customers with 100℅ pure and fresh quality products of their demand. Grab your favorite mouthwatering product from our online store in Pakistan. They are available in packs of 1kg, 500g, and 250g. Your order is just a click away and khaas Dryfruits bring your package to your doorsteps. Khaas DryFruits deliver their products with complete safety retaining the hygiene and natural essence of the product. 

  • Buy premium quality fresh packs of mixed dry fruits online anywhere in Pakistan at reasonable prices.
  • Get piney, fruity, zesty citrus and menthol-like flavor, mouthwatering silver coated cardamom (elaichi) online in Pakistan. Available in packs of different quantities. 
  • Get creamy and nutty flavor peanuts online in Pakistan. Packs are available in different quantities. 
  • Get your pack of dry, sticky, and delicious dried dates online in Pakistan from our store. 
  • Get your lovely jar of fruity, floral, woody, and earthy honey online in Pakistan from our store. 
  • Price ranges from Rs 200 to Rs 6,000 according to your demand 
  • For orders above 4000 Rs/-, Khaas Dryfruits will provide free shipping 

This category involves delicious, and luscious products with several advantages for the human body. Get these delectable nutritional products and satisfy your cravings for the best and nourish your body with the best. Proteins, glucose, potassium, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals in these products protect your body and satisfy its needs to maintain its regular functioning. The hygienic packaging conserves the natural taste of the product. Khaas Dryfruits delivers the product in 24-48 hours. Grab your fresh packs from our shop online in Pakistan. 

-Make your days Khaas with us ♡.

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