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Chilgoza (Pinenuts)

Khaas DryFruits presents fresh luscious chilgoza of different kinds to make your platter more appetizing. Relish yourself with premium quality pine nuts in Pakistan. Khaas Dryfruits brings you 100℅ pure and fresh quality pinenuts of your demand. Grab your packs of mouthwatering, soft, and slightly crunchy pinenuts.

They are available in packs of 1kg, 500g, and 250g. Khaas Dryfruits deliver your order with total protection maintaining the hygiene of the product. 

👉🏼 Buy premium quality fresh chilgoza (Sabit) online in Pakistan at suitable prices

👉🏼 Get crunchy and nutty roasted chilgoza Giri (pine nuts without shells) online in Pakistan. 

👉🏼 Price ranges from Rs 2,120 to Rs 12,000 according to your demand 

👉🏼 For orders above 4000 Rs/-, Khaas Dryfruits will provide free shipping 

They are nutty, buttery, crunchy, and slightly sweet in flavor with many advantages for the human body. Get these delightful and flavorful nutritional chilgozas and satisfy your taste buds and body demand for nutrition. Vitamins, proteins, fibers, starch, fats, and minerals in chilgoza protect your body and quench its needs to maintain its normal functioning. The clean packaging protects the natural essence of the product. Khaas Dryfruits delivers the product in 24-48 hours. Grab your fresh pack of chilgoza from our shop online in Pakistan. 

-Make your days Khaas with us ♡.

Chilgoza (Pinenuts)

Chilgoza (Pinenuts)

 2,250.00 9,000.00
 3,500.00 13,000.00